Any Device



Instantly access your video lecture titles from your favorite mobile device, tablet, smartphone, computer or TV. Your favorite academic titles will go with you wherever you do and study at your own convenience. The playback is very easy, start viewing your favorite title on one device and pick up on another.

Getting Started Viewing
To view on a phone, tablet, smart TV, or computer, simply follow the app install instructions and enter your email address and your short PIN or password provided at purchase when prompted. Your titles will be waiting for you instantly and can be downloaded into the app to ensure the highest quality buffer-free playback. Best of all, digital delivery is ad-free – just the digital products you own on the devices you want to play them on.


Instant Access
In order to have an instant access to the video course of your choice, go through a process as you are purchasing a DVD/Stream Access and choose the option on the shopping cart for Streaming Access. You can have both DVDs Package Set and Streaming access or either of the two depending on your preference. You will have unlimited access 24/7 and anytime you add video titles they become available on your account immediately after the transactions are cleared.