Basic Sciences DVDs

Anatomy & Physiology I & II DVD
Anatomy and Physiology DVDsThis 8 DVD package covers all the 24 topics taught in the principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology at the college, undergraduate and professional level. It details the presentations of the anatomical structures and physiological relationships to function. It covers all topics that are covered in 2 regular semesters at the university or college level depth; describes microscopic and gross structures, physiological concepts and system by system coverage of the Human Body. <<More Information>>




Microbiology DVD
This 6 DVD pack video covers the principles of microbiology, the study of microorganisms, which are unicellular or cell-cluster microscopic organisms, Microbiology DVDsdisease and none disease causing. This includes eukaryotes such as fungi and protists, and prokaryotes, which are bacteria and Achaea. Viruses, though not strictly classed as living organisms, are also studied. These DVDs package includes bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology and other branches of infectious diseases system by system. <<More Information>>



Pathophysiology DVD
Pathophysiology DVDs
This is 6 DVD package that examine the phenomena that produce alterations in human physiologic function and the resulting human response. Viewers will understand pathophysiological changes, including how pathological processes are manifested, progress in the body, and primary and secondary effects. Focus is put on pathological factors that influence the disease process. In order to discuss and comprehend the vast amount of information covered in these DVDs it’s advised that you pause and refer either to the textbooks or your class notes, or study materials provide here. Students must have an understanding of normal functions of the body systems in order to understand the abnormal functions and manifestations of the disease process; therefore, Anatomy and Physiology I and II is essential. This video package covers the principles of Pathophysiology. <<More Information>>


Nursing DVDs and Videos

Fundamentals of Nursing DVDsFundamentals of Nursing DVDs
This 10 DVD pack introduces concepts basic to beginning nursing practice. Emphasis is placed on the application of the nursing process to provide and manage care as a member of the discipline of nursing. This DVD package covers all the topics taught in the college and undergraduate level nursing level LPN/LVN, RN and BSN, this includes End of Life, Chronic Illness, Functional Assessment, Pain and comfort, Cultural Diversity, Community Based Nursing and Sensory alterations. <<More information>>




Medical Surgical Nursing DVDsMedical Surgical Nursing DVDs
The Medical Surgical Nursing DVD Series focus on the role of the medical/surgical nurse in the nursing care of the client with alterations in all body systems. Emphasis is put on analyzing the importance of biopsychosocial, pathophysiological and pharmacological concepts in health care acknowledging the adaptive, preventative, restorative and health education measures to maintain optimal functioning for clients. The lecture series analyze etiologies, risks, signs and symptoms, treatment modalities and diagnostics in the client who is found to have alterations, this pack comes in 20 DVDs. <<More Information>>

Maternity (Mother Health) Nursing DVDsMaternity Mother Health DVDs
The Maternity Nursing DVD Series addresses concepts specific to the childrearing family where the focus continues to be on the family-centered approach to nursing care with a greater depth for understanding of nursing role. The nurse’s responsibilities as a provider of care, manager of care, and member within the discipline of nursing, all which assist the client to progress toward wholeness and the need of client teaching, critical thinking, communication and pharmacology are explored. This pack comes in 5 DVDs suitable for all levels nursing programs. <<More Information>>

Pediatrics (Child Health) Nursing DVDsPediatrics (Child Health) Nursing DVDs
The Pediatrics Nursing DVD Series focus on the utilization of the nursing process to meet the human responses of child-bearing families and children from infancy through adolescence with actual or potential health problems. The lectures series explore the nurse’s role as provider of care and member within the discipline of nursing as these roles relate to child nursing. This package comes with 6 DVDs suitable for all level nursing programs. <<More Information>>

Nursing Pharmacology DVDsNursing Pharmacology DVDs
The Nursing Pharmacology DVD Series focus on pharmacological principles, indications and nursing implications related to drug therapy in the care of individuals, families, and groups with complex health care needs, drug classification, action, uses, and contraindications will be explored. Emphasis is put on nursing roles on medications used for clients who have multi-system dysfunction and clients who choose an alternative therapy. This package comes with 8 DVDs suitable for all level nursing programs and non-nursing programs that requires basic level pharmacology content. <<More Information>>


 CNA-I Lecture & Clinical Review
TCNA I DVDs Skill and Lectureshis package has CNA Review Student Lecture package and Clinical Skills Competence component to help student go through the first  two steps of  challenging the CNA Exam. The lecture DVDs assist students to  learn all the 16 units essential in making them competent Nurse  Assistants and be able to work either in the hospital floor, nursing home  facilities or home health care. Meanwhile, the Clinical Skill Based Training is designed to demonstrate all the skills that CNA need to master before going to the skill based exam. The  training demonstrates each skill in details and makes it easy for those who need an extra teaching of the skills or student who prefer not to attend traditional classes for training sessions. The whole package has 7 DVDs. <<More Information>>